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First Missionary Baptist Church Has Always Been A Church Whose Presence Extends Beyond The Church Walls To The Marin City Neighborhood And The Broader Community.


Vision Statement: To become a praying church that is spiritually-led. To be dedicated to daily prayer for our own spiritual growth, as well as that of the congregation, community and world.

Mission Statement: FMBC prayer ministry exists to encourage and guide each church member in living a life of prayer, both individually and corporately, and to make prayer a central part of every ministry and activity of the church.

Vision Statement: To be a spirit guided, service-oriented ministry that nurture fellowship and relationships building through the preparation and serving of meals.

Mission Statement: To create a warm embarrassing environment in which all food preparation and service provided to members and visiting guest is done in a manner consistent with county and state health safety regulations.

Vision Statement: Deacons are called to be dedicated caregivers who use their spiritual gifts in a shared ministry of concern for the total well-being of God's people. Deacons are to be Christ-like, welcoming, nurturing, reconciling, sensitive to the presence of God's Spirit in their lives and in the lives of others, and witnessing for Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord within and beyond the Body of Christ, the Church

Mission Statement: The Mission of the FMBC Deacon Ministry is to first and foremost support the mission and vision of the Church and the Pastor.

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