First Missionary Baptist Church has always been a church whose presence extends beyond the church walls to the Marin City neighborhood and the broader community.


Reaching out to the Marin City Community, First Missionary has adopted Bayside MLK Jr. Academy as our school. Opportunity awaits for us to volunteer daily. Help is needed tutoring, on the playground, serving lunch and in the classroom.
“Our middle school students are struggling in school. They struggle not only because of their early, unresolved trauma or their environments or the lack of foundational educational skills, but also because of the lack of skills around self-regulation and being a student. Our children are bright individuals who are exposed to people in our community who do not have their best interest at heart. We must stop and realize that we must find ways to help our children.”
Jonette A. Newton, Principal Bayside MLK Academy



Under Pastor Leggett’s leadership, the Marin City Fatherhood Council was created. It is made up of Fathers and young men from various churches and different walks of life throughout the Marin City community. We are focused on promoting responsible fatherhood in a strong community, on improving our students’ scholastic achievements, supporting our youth through mentoring initiatives, and having a consistent presence in the lives of the youth in this community.
Click here to download the Fatherhood Council brochure.


The 55-bed Mill Street Center in San Rafael is the county’s only night-to-night emergency shelter for homeless individuals. It serves both men and women in separate dormitory-style rooms. A network of volunteers from three dozen churches and community groups shares a monthly rotation to provide a home-cooked hot meal to Mill Street residents.
Volunteers are need to serve every Wednesday.
Thank you for giving your time to volunteer in need. All are welcome. We will let you know when we need an extra hand.
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